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This library mostly holds ports of the wp7nl project for Windows Phone.

It contains tree assemblies. Win8nl.dll contains:

  • AppViewModelBase, a base view model hosting a Navigation service message,  implementing IBackKeyPressHandler. In Windows 8 the back key is not present, so the use of this class is limited
  • ClipToBoundsBehavior - makes sure anything displayed in a containers is visible only within that container
  • EventToCommandBehavior.: a behavior to mimic EventToCommand
  • EventToBoundCommandBehavior.: a behavior to mimic EventToCommand, but with a bindable command
  • FlipViewPanoramaBehavior: a behavior to turn a FlipView into a kind of Windows 8 Panorama
  • SafeBehavior - a base class for safely attaching/detaching events in a behavior. Mainly here for source compatibility reasons
  • SetInitialOpacityBehavior: a pretty small thing to set the initial opacity of an element if it's set by Visual State otherwise.#
  • StartStoryboardBehavior: a behavior to start a storyboard on an event
  • WidthPercentageBehavior: a behavior to set an element to a percentage of the width of its parent
  • BaseSettingsControl: a base control for usercontrol used in a settings flyout
  • LayoutAwareUserControl: a user control version of the default LayoutAwarePage
  • BoolInvertConverter: converts true to false and false to true
  • ToListConverter :  converts one item to a list to make it bindable to stuff that wants a list
  • VisibilityConverter: converts boolean to Visibility. 
  • LocalBitmapConverter: adds "ms-appx://" in front of a string.
  • NavigationService: a WinRT implementation of Laurent Bugnion's NavigationService
  • FrameworkExtensions: helper methods for animating objects (usage here)
  • IEnumerableExtensions: adds ForEach and Convert to every IEnumerable
  • ObservableCollectionExtentions: adds AddRange and Swap methods to ObservableCollections
  • PointExtensions: basic distance and speed calculus
  • SettingsFlyout: base class for a settings flyout 
  • StoryboardExtensions: helper methods for animating objects (usage here)

In win8nl.External you will find  and RectangleF and a ported version of VisualTreeHelperExtensions

In win8nl.Utilities you will find a ported version of SilverlightSerializer 1 







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