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Project Description
This is a provisional and partial port to WinRt of the #wp7nl Windows Phone utilities.

It builds upon the following libraries:

It consists of three projects:

  • Win8nl
  • Win8nl.Externals
  • Win8nl.Utilities

Win8nl.Externals contains a port of SilverlightSerializer 1 by  by Mike Talbot
Win8nl.Utilties contains a port of VisualTreeHelperExtensions by from Phone7.Fx

The toolkit is now available as a NuGet package. If you just want to use some functions and don't care about implementation details, I'd recommend using this package. It will install MVVMLight, Rx, and WinRtBehaviors for you. Be aware that any win8l NuGet packages before 1.0.3 have faults in the Rx dependencies!

If you would like to contribute code, please feel free to contact me.

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